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hachijuu nendai SM poruno 'wa'

26 December 1987
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Hello My name is Hannah, I am currently and obsessed fan girl of Dir en grey and Araki Hirofumi and of course TMRevolution, I pretty much only joined this live journal to post/read Lemon fanfiction about them ^_^" I am a member of deviant art and like to write and draw, mainly my fav jrock artists, I am 22 years old.

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By tiduspoorpants at 2008-01-16
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By tiduspoorpants at 2008-01-16
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By tiduspoorpants at 2008-01-16

Okay so that is a rather outdated description of myself, I'm an artist, I'm being general because I write, I draw, I digipaint, I sing, I write and perform music, I play poi and meteor and I dance (if you can call it that at all), I can be rather intense when it comes to everything I do in art, but in person I am quite possibly the laziest person ever.

I have little plans for my future that don't involve relaxation, art or music, and I don't intend to perform any of my music or sell it, it's all personal, and personally I suck anyways so it's not really worth it.

I obsess, when I like something, like it a lot, it deserves my whole attention, so back then it was Diru, or Zukaki, TMR etc, at the moment I would have to say it's La Roux (and for some reason I just realized I'm really fucking attracted to her as well *grabby hands*) and my Role Play, of which one of my characters is modelled after XDD yay for Zoe.

Me and Alex recently split and both of our hearts are broken because of it, I am now broken on the inside.

I've taken myself and remoulded so many times I'm not so certain who I am exactly anymore, but I am no longer the strange red head, now I am the strange raven haired girl XDD with an odd fashion sense, go me (and now a red head again lol) (100x edit, NOW BLONDE).

I'm really into dance, and anything that makes me happy right now, or anything I can be loud with, give me a good bass and some space and I'll be happy.

I'm addicted to the computer, I can't not be on it.

I am easy to get along with, and it's very difficult to anger me, unless your my roommates, then you piss me off regardless...

We'll that's about it ^_^"

Nice to meet you, my name is Hannah and I'm an addict.

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