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14th-Feb-2010 12:25 pm - I'll eat you up~
Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Bobot gave me:

-men on rollerskates wearing hotpants
-daisuke being on drugs
-la roux
-toshiya's abs
-yuuki is a fag

Meme ahead~Collapse )
13th-Feb-2010 06:42 pm - You've got the wrong number~
Wtf Korea WTF, why are you so....50/50!!??

Half of you are gorgeous...the other half are butt fucking fugly to the max!!...why are there no 'alright' or 'plain' ones? This confuses me greatly
13th-Feb-2010 06:40 pm - Writer's Block: Love on LiveJournal
Have you ever had a crush on another LiveJournal user? If so, did you confess your feelings? What happened?

Wonderful and Wondefully bad things happened
10th-Feb-2010 07:05 pm - This flea is you and I~
Okay so I am making my return to the internet, slowly.
Though I feel sort of retarded going back to old dead forums...some more than 2 years old...sheesh I was a noob times 100!

I'm seeing if I can reconnect with people I considered good friends, my lovelife took the reins and now I need to focus on restoring the things that I broke (and not just my shitty Dell computer DX) Now that I have none to speak of

I bet at least one of you is going OH NO THAT EMO BITCH IS BACK...well...SCREW YOU...now that is over and done with, I aint going to be emo anymore~ Watch me sparkle and lol in the corner NO EMOING HERE, NO SIREE

I fell off the earth for a while there, and I come back to find...THE INTERNET IS BORING...what the hell happened while I was gone!? WHO BROKE THE INTERNET!? TELL ME NOW!

As a short, Im back, Im single, Im still shitty at photoshop and my writing skills have only improved as far as I can throw them ^_^ YAY

So Internets, am I forgiven for abandoning you? *is bricked*
Do you think honesty is really the best policy when it comes to relationships? Is total honesty possible, let alone desirable?
This is quite amusing when you consider what is happening right now. Yes, I beleive in honesty in all things. Twice now have I been led to beleive in a false love and friendship. I don't know how people can outright lie so much. But they do. Though in some cases, lying is perferable over truth, it should never, ever be to a point where you can break someone. Because then you are not only lying to them, but yourself. There is no protection in lies like that, no matter how much you think you can protect something. Noone should ever pretend they are in love, noone should ever pretend to be your friend. Ever.
So today is Johnny's birthday, I realized that my roleplay is almost 2 years old, and will be at the end of the year. That is a huge amount of time spent writing about vampires, homosexuality and sex in general.

I'm already hitting DeviantArt up for Comics and fan pictures from the roleplay, but now I think I want to take it into another medium, animation, film or maybe even a radio play, I'm sure I can get dA artists to volunteer for such a thing.

Heck I dont think they will have a problem with the sexual content...

I love my baby, and I refuse to see it die I guess... I get the feeling it will soon be more of a book than a roleplay, since I seem to be the only one willing to continue the project.

Oh well, happy birthday Johnny, enjoy some hotmansecks!
4th-Dec-2009 09:57 pm - Full of drugs nobody knows~
Scratch the skin
Scratch the surface
Underneath is something mirthless

Crack the skull
Release the brain
Inside the thoughts are not the same

Im feeling restless, I really want to write and to draw but not even my inspiration red pen wants to help me right now, stupid brain, Im inspired, it just wont come out of my stupid head and hit the computer/paper.

I feel like my thoughts are talking in riddles, I keep rhyming in my head like a retarded Dr Seuss character, all because of one little limerick I keep hearing.

"Come come bonnie Lynn, tell us tell us where you've been" from some creepy kid in Dragons Age, or whatever its called...and I mean creepy, that damn kid carried around a human finger bone and polished the damn thing!!! D8 creeeepy
2nd-Dec-2009 12:48 pm - Lass die hunde los~
Wtf...I have reverse inspiration right now, normally a fiction will inspire me to make banners/icons/draw etc...right now its backwards!

I started fucking around with a pic in photoshop the other day >.> and now I must write a fic to accompany it...W.T.F

Supernatural twins anyone?
17th-Oct-2009 07:28 am - When it comes to be~
Im getting sick of the back and forth of it all, nobody is telling me anything, and what they do its not the truth, Im absolutely sick of it.

I dont have tollerance for lying, and when Im moving and on a diet, I have even less tollerance in general, If you really want to hurt me, now is a good time to push my buttons.

I was so sure I wouldn't have to cry since what I thought was an answer was decided on, now its all on its head, and I feel like I should just crawl into a dark hole for a few hours.

I have enough stress with work and money and moving and not eating right that I dont need my one happy place to be the saddest one of all.

Stop it.

In other news Brutal Legends is awesome.
18th-Sep-2009 10:56 am - Consumed with what's to transpire~
So, as of this moment, right now, my girlfriend of 7months is on her way to LAX airport for which she will be catching a flight and arrive in Australia tomorrow morning.

I have never felt more nervous and excited in my life.

She is coming to live with me! 8D

In other news, my widlcat mugen just successfully opened a packet of bacon XD
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