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hachijuu nendai SM poruno 'wa'
Kpop Writing Competition: WIN PRIZES 
21st-May-2013 11:21 pm

So in honour of Vixx and Exo’s one year comeback I am holding a competition to win Kpop cd’s and merchandise!

Prizes include:

  • XOXO album or HYDE album


  • Mama album or On and On album

OR a $50 voucher for a kpop store that ships to your country (I say this because grapemusic doesn’t ship to Brazil among other places)

as well as

To Enter you will need to write a Vixx fanfiction and link it to any of the following to be judged:




Entries are open until the 30th of June and will be open for everyone to participate.

There are some rules:

  • -Entries in English ONLY

  • -Entries will be taken until June 30th at Midnight Australian Eastern Standard time (Judging will take place during the week after that and shall be announced on or before the 14th of July)

  • -Do not plagiarise someone else’s work, please submit something original for the competition

  • -MUST be Vixx fanfiction, not Exo, not Super junior, not Shinee. VIXX ONLY.

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