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hachijuu nendai SM poruno 'wa'
Never turn her back on her friends~ 
22nd-Sep-2010 09:02 pm
iTunes Drabble Meme

How it works:
1. Pick a character, pairing or fandom you like. (I picked SHINee)
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.


“Where am I?” the boy asked, looking around the dark cellar, the dull beat of the club above barely permeating the cement surroundings.

“Wine cellar I think” the deep voice droned, the voice clearly not interested in where they were.

The strong hands pressed in around Taemin's throat and he could do nothing but walk back with the strong press against his body, the noises that choked out of him drowned into the beat above them.

Taemin didn't know exactly what he had done to make Minho mad at him, but from the moment he had slipped into that dance floor of hot bodies Minho had been staring at him, staring through him like he wanted to see into Taemin's very soul.

He didn't know why he followed him, but he did.

And here they were inside the dark room made of cement and Taemin could feel the very breath being crushed out of him.

“You have no idea what you do to me” Minho purred in the boy's ear, licking at the lobe, his hot breath almost lost as the blood pounded against his ears.

Minho's whole body was against him now, hard and heavy like the grip on his neck.

He was going to take him and nobody would know. Nobody would hear. And the press of bodies lost in bass in the club above mimicked the sin taking place in Taemin's personal hell below.


Dir en grey – Hydra (Buzzout remix)


The streets below were beautiful, the rain slicked cement illuminated as the cars raced by, their lights creating a kaleidoscope of pattern as they rippled the water.

Even at night Onew could appreciate the beauty of nature, a nature corrupted by technology and people. But a beauty none the less.

He stared out over the rooftop, flexing his toes over the edge and watching the grey clouds roll overhead in the distance, if he could just reach out and pluck one of those beautiful clouds he may have been able to keep that beauty with him forever.

But night didn't last forever and rain would soon end, as the light pierced through the dark clouds, deep orange signalling the coming morning he felt the desperate need to take a piece of the beautiful black night with him.

He reach out and arm towards the horizon.

Just a little further and he would reach the beauty.

Just a little further.

Maybe just a little step.

Bring me to life – Evanescence


The sound of the door being beaten down didn't deter Key as he pressed the needle to his skin, he needed his fix, his life felt dull and lacking the bright lights and neon he needed to shine in SHINee.

He needed his blood to be on fire, and the only way was to press that needle further and let it's contents merge with his being.

He didn't care that his friends were worried or that it was bad.

He needed to shine.


Orchestras, Spotlights, Turntables – Epik High


Taemin's feet took him past the threshold, his laughter high and carefree as he ran from his obligations and work.

This was his time to be a kid, to rebel and be the teenager he was.

His hyungs could shove it, he wanted to go out and stuff himself stupid with food and smoke behind the sheds at school and it not be headline news.

He was going to run from the life he loved and hated all in one.

For Taemin the curtain was falling on SHINee and he didn't want to hang around for the curtain call.

The nice boy had enough and now it was time to play.

“Fuck you!” he shouted as he skipped backwards out of the SM building.

He felt lighter than ever, and it probably had something to do with admitting how he really felt about his colleagues before officially quitting SHINee.

He never liked them really, even when he had tried his hardest they were just slave drivers with no sense of humour.


I never liked you – Rogue Traders


“Arg! Come on shoot!!!” Jonghyun yelled at the screen, his little video game character falling flat on his face dead.

He wasn't good at this game, and the annoying bouncing noise the enemies made only served to frustrate him.


Room C – Lm.C (this only goes for like 30 seconds! It doesn't really give you enough time to write :/)


Key was in his element, the centre of attention in the gathering, it didn't matter that it wasn't a PR moment, but he was going to schmooze and steal the limelight any ways.

Glass of champagne in hand he had his most dazzling smirk on his lips, attracting the business women, and men around him.

He felt right at home as he shuffled between two well dressed men, taking a long sip of his drink and making eyes with a well known man in the music industry.

Just because he wasn't there on behalf of SHINee didn't mean he couldn't get a little extra leg up for his band.

“Hi, my name is Key. Almighty Key” Key said offering a perfectly manicured hand out to shake with the business man, batting his eyelashes in a clear flirt.

It wasn't unusual for Kpop stars to be used sexually, the only difference between Key and them, he chose where, when and with whom.

You didn't really expect SHINee to have gotten so big without a few well placed hand jobs and lap dances did you? No.

It took merely 10 minutes before Key had the man completely wrapped around his finger, it probably helped that he had his hand wrapped around the man.

Promises of television show appearances and PR came fluttering off the other man's lips as Keys own lips met a hot meat.

This was where Key felt at home. Oh yes, very at home.

Whisper City – Electromancer


“I love you, you have to believe me” Onew's voice filtered through the recording, another message on Key's answering machine that he didn't need to hear.

How can Onew expect him to believe that when he had so thoroughly broken his heart, with the coldest words and actions.

He understood that Onew wanted him, who didn't? But love? No, this didn't feel like love, and no matter how many messages the man left him and calls he made he wasn't going to call him back.

The last thing he needed was to cave, because it was close to love.

But it was painful too.

The phone rang again for the 5th time in 10 minutes.

“I don't want you to call me any more” Key answered, cutting off Onew before he had a chance, he could hear his deep breathing on the other side of the line.

“You don't want me, you told me that. I'm going to pretend that everything you have done hasn't happened” he said, he could forget the obsession and the pain in his heart when Onew had left him the first time, and the second time, and every time after that.

He wasn't going to come second to a man that was a serial cheater.

“Until you can love me and only me I have to say goodbye” he said, and he could hear the sniffle on the other side of the phone.

To pretend like nothing is wrong – T.O.P


Jonghyun had only remembered a flash of light as he had crossed the road before he was here, was he dead?

This didn't feel like heaven, or hell, just nothing.

He looked around and saw the world on it's head, literally, as he looked up at the sky he could see the world and the mad rush of people collecting around a car accident.

He was standing on the sky and looking down, but he felt right way up and the view of everything made his head spin a little.

What was happening?

He took a few steps on the blue sky, solid as the ground, towards the accident and his heart leapt in his throat.

That was his body, his body crumpled in the middle of the road in a lifeless ball like a ragdoll that had been thrown across a child's playroom.

Next to him, clutching his own chest that was heaving like it was being crushed from the inside was Key.

He was hurt too, his body damaged and tangled like his own.

But he was alive.

The world flipped again and he was standing next to his own body and Key's he looked down at his friend and he looked up at him.

Jonghyun held out his hand and Key took it and soon the other boy joined him on the other side.

The other side – Dexter Freebish


There was desperation as the two bodies tore at each others clothes, it was an impossible task removing the chains and decorations that adorned the pop stars body, but they needed too.

It was time to be free of the outer shell and just be the men they were again, in nothing but the purest animal forms.

Each bit of skin revealed was a little piece of heaven and hands roved every last inch until breaths were heavy.

Skin to skin was how they liked it, free from the covers of clothing and the texture of kidskin gloves, nothing but each other to slip against.

This time they were hasty, material lay torn around them as the bodies slid together, joining in the purest ecstasy together.

Gloves - Operator Please


He was more perfect than any woman when he was on stage, the dancer maknae glowed as soon as the music hit his skin, like a literal shock he couldn't help but move to the music.

Minho's breath caught every time he saw the way the beat flowed inside him like his very heartbeat.

If Taemin was made out of anything it would be music, the music of the gods that fuelled all the beautiful noises the world could make.

And Taemin was designed purely to dance to it all, to hypnotise the eyes with his body as he moved.

He flowed smoother than water, surely he was a godly being, no amount of love Minho could give would ever make up for what Taemin was to him.

He was the god of dance, the muse of music.

He was beautiful.


So Beautiful – Big Bang










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