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hachijuu nendai SM poruno 'wa'
Stuff and Junk 
20th-Jun-2010 08:58 pm
So life is starting to get on track a little, Learners on the horizon, Band in progress, University in planning, things are heading in a more palatable direction.

Not much to say really, been working my butt off, and have started doing Kenpo (OUCH btw) so I can get my fat ass a little less fat and a little more ass >.>

Been enjoying Kpop and *legasp* general pop music, yeah Inorite? I even caught myself singing to Justin Bieber... and nearly had a heart attack when I realized this...

I'm blonde now, like a more natural ash blonde, not the horrible LOL LOOK I BLEACHED MY HAIR kind of blonde I was sporting before, I like it :3 Even if it was grey for a few days because of the toner >.>

I'm going to be heading Melbourne and Sydney during my holidays this year, so if anybody wants to catch up or w/e message me k? :3 Imma be down for about a week to do my Dj training through DJ warehouse training.

Still OBSESSED with Tokio Hotel... probably more so now that my new girlfriend and I Roleplay with them :3 *humps Tom's face*

Probably going to declare bankruptcy soon too because of this damn credit card (which I havent actually spent anything on in over 2 years) is now overdrawn by 1.5k and I can't pay it off with my income *thumbs up* I'll keep y'all posted on my state of poordom ^_^"



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